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Course schedule last updated Feb 8, 2018  

We have now taught our basic photography course in groups and private sessions to close to a hundred people. Everyone has been happy with it and they have all found the course useful. Our photography course is for anyone who wants to learn about photography, and great picture taking. The course is available personally in groups or private sessions, and will be available online soon.

Our personal photography courses consist of actual classes in small groups, or private sessions, where you get personal teaching and assistance, and are for anyone living within an hour drive of Athens, Ontario.

Our "Basic Photography" course covers photography in general, lighting, exposure, and composition, as well as a brief introduction to some of the different types of specialized photography. Upon successful completion, you also get a certificate to prove your new knowledge. We will be offering a "Digital Basics" course, and an "Advanced Photography" course shortly, and will be adding material to the specialized sections of this website as time permits. In the future, we plan to offer courses in the various specialized photography fields.

Sign up for yourself or for a friend.
Nice birthday gift idea for a friend who likes taking pictures.
You get a gift certificate to give them for a pre-determined set of classes,
or for their own private classes at their place on a schedule they choose.

(see below for course schedule for public classes)

"Basic Photography" Course Details:
Our "Basic Photography" course consists of 3 classes. Each one is about 1 hours, with a question and answer period before and after.

What you learn in this course applies whether you shoot with a digital camera or a film camera.
You can even get a little help with using your camera.


Before taking this course, you should understand the basics of how cameras work. This was lessons 1 and 2 in my original course, but I decided to remove it from the course and give it to you to study on your own. That way the course itself will be getting right into what you want to learn. You can find that material on the photo basics page. I can also give you a printed version if you are signing up for my course.

The 3 classes are:

Day 1

  • Lesson 1 - Photography Basics
    • Lighting - natural, artificial, and flash
    • Exposure - metering, shutter speeds, apertures, and film speeds
  • Lesson 2 - Taking Pictures
    • How lighting and exposure determine the end result
    • Common problems (red-eye, blurry, light or dark) - causes and cures
  • Assignment - test your understanding of today's lessons

Day 2

  • Assessment - See if you understood Lessons 1 and 2
  • Lesson 3 - Making Pictures
    • Being creative with your lighting and exposure options
    • Learn to see what your camera sees
    • Framing, composition, background, enhancements & distractions
  • Assignment - see what you can come up with for next week

Day 3

  • Assessment - Are your pictures looking more professional?
  • Exam - multiple choice questions
  • Certificate - show others that you now understand photography
  • Lesson 4 - Introduction to Photography Specialties
    • Portrait Photography
    • Nature Photography
    • Still Photography
    • Close-up Photography

Course Prices:
The prices here are for the full course, all 3 days/classes. (includes all lessons, assignments, and certificate if you pass)
The only other costs are your transportation and the processing/printing if you use a film camera for the assignments, or printing of your digital images.

For group sessions (see schedule below)
The cost for the full course is $65 Canadian ($55 if paid before classes start). For this low price you can learn how to take better pictures, and understand exactly what you are doing when you take them, and even understand what went wrong. The fee of $55 can be paid when signing up, or pay $20 deposit and the $45 balance when courses start. Your seat is reserved once the payment or deposit is made.
*Transportation may be available for a minimal fee if needed.
Group sessions are held in my woodworking store in Settlers Ridge Centre (formerly County Fair Mall) in Smiths Falls.

For private courses
nice gift idea for a friend who likes taking pitures
We offer a limited number of private courses. The cost for a private course is $165* for just yourself. Have family, friends, or neighbours take the course with you and you can save money and even earn a commission. (more details)
Private courses are held at your place, my place, or any place you choose, and on your schedule.
* plus a little extra for travel expenses if the course location is more than a 15 min drive from my place.

Course Schedule: (Pick the schedule that fits yours the best)
- Friday evenings March 2, 9, and 16 at 5:30pm
- Saturdays March 10, 17, and 24 at noon
Classes will be held at my store located in Settlers Ridge Centre at 275 Brockville St, Smiths Falls, ON Canada
Google map

Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 5 people at a time, and seating is filled on a first come first serve basis, so pick your choice and sign up soon.

This is not an "official" photography course. It's more like a photography seminar split into 3 sessions, consisting of 4 courses, 2 assignments, and an unofficial diploma. The course is designed for those who want to know more about photography and be able to take better pictures, without taking a full-blown photography course. It can also be an introduction for those considering taking a full course somewhere. It's also an easy and fun way to learn how to take better pictures.

For more information about the course, to sign up, or to just ask questions, use the form here.

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